Episode 44

Recontextualizing Healing In Community & On Social with Dr. Han Ren

Dr. Han Ren (she/they) is deeply rooted in Liberation-oriented, anti-oppressive, culturally informed therapy. In this time of global upheaval and collective trauma many people have experienced increasing amounts of isolation. Social media is one of the places people turn when they feel alone. Han's widely viewed content on social media centers on liberating the idea that healing has to look a certain way, especially for often historically overlooked people and communities. Normalization goes a long way in undoing our collective experience of aloneness. In this gentle yet confronting conversation, Han guides us towards 3 moment to moment healing practices, accessible to us all: check in with your body, say what you mean/mean what you say, and repair.


Find Dr. Han Ren online at drhanren.com and on all the social channels, tiktok, twitter, and facebook @drhanren, and on IG @dr.han.ren


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WDMP Integrating Heart+Mind

WDMP Integrating Heart+Mind

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